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San Antonio Metal Roofing – Lazy K Job

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Replace Old 3-Tab Shingle Roof with New Standing Seam Metal Roof.

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Cool Metal Roofing for our Hot South Texas Climate.

In our Hot South Texas climate, heat gain through the roof makes up a major share of a house’s cooling load. We all try different strategies to limit heat gain through the roof. Extra ceiling insulation, extra ventilation, under-roof radiant barriers, and sealed attics with insulated roof decks can all help in certain circumstances. But research shows that the single most effective way to cut the cooling loads from a hot-climate roof is to make the roof reflective.


Reflective roofs work because they stop the rooftop heat before it ever gets going. The sun’s rays hit the roof at the speed of light, and at the speed of light they bounce back into space. White or light-colored materials work best, but some new dark pigments reflect enough invisible infrared radiation to reject a lot of solar energy.  For more info, visit

Metal Roofing for Long Term Savings in San Antonio

Home owners here in San Antonio should really consider a metal roofing system when it comes time to replace their roof. In addition to energy savings, metal roofing is cost effective, more durable and longer lasting than most other materials. We all know the initial cost for a metal roof is higher than standard three tab shingles, you will save money in the long run.
A metal roof can will last a lifetime, whereas materials like asphalt require reproofing every 10 to 20 years. Plus, no matter what style your home…. there’s a metal roofing style to match.

In addition, as opposed to non-metal roofing material that begins to deteriorate as soon as it’s exposed to elements such as the UV rays of the sun, temperature changes, severe storms, and high winds, a metal roof will never deteriorate, and can withstand most everything our south Texas weather throws at it!

A metal roof will also increase the resale value of your home, and a metal roof can lower your homeowner’s insurance.

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Metal Roofing – A “Green” Alternative to Traditional Roofing Materials

In San Antonio many homeowners are turning to metal roofing as a “green” alternative to traditional roofing materials.  Homeowners have discovered that installing aMetal_3_roof6 metal roofing system is not only one of the most environmentally responsible choices they can make, it’s also one of the most cost-effective. Metal roofing materials are virtually 100 percent recyclable, making them a very sensible choice from an environmental standpoint. Even more important, many of today’s metal roofing systems are coated with infrared reflective “cool roof” finishes, which reflect much of the sun’s infrared radiation and thereby offer significant energy savings.

You do not have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in order to do the right thing from an environmental standpoint.

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Why Choose A Metal Roof?

These are some of the benefits metal roofs offer:

  • Ease of maintenance – Here there’s no comparison – the metal roof is virtually maintenance-free.  The smooth surface of a metal roof is conducive to easy cleaning.  A simple hosing off from the ground is usually enough.  Likewise, algae and mildew growth isn’t a factor as is the case with other roofs, such as shingle.  The shingle roof’s predilection for absorbing moisture and remaining damp for extended periods often results in algae and other airborne fungus building up and leaving unsightly dark streaks.
  • Durability – They aren’t prone to breakdown like other common roofing choices.  They don’t peel, rust, crack or warp.  Metal roofs will typically last 40 to 60 years, and beyond – much longer than most Americans stay in the same home.  Compare that with the 12 to 20 years (if you’re lucky) that you can expect with more standard roofing types.  Metal roofs will remain aesthetically pleasing decade after decade.
  • Superior weather-resistant qualities:  Whether your home is located in an area prone to heavy snowfall, wildfire outbreaks, or substantial wind, you can trust your metal roof’s ability to provide awesome protection.  Consider that metal roofs have been shown to withstand wind gusts of 140 miles per hour, surpassing the most stringent building code requirements.  For residents living in climates with the harshest winters, there’s no better choice for roofing.  Metal roofs shed snow quickly, which helps the roof maintain its structural integrity.  And, they also help to prevent ice collecting at the eves, thus, preventing water from collecting under the roof and leaking into the home.
  • Warranty – Many metal roofs are guaranteed for a period between 30 and 50 years, on average.
  • Insurance – Some carriers will reward you with a reduced premium on your homeowners insurance if your home features a metal roof.
  • Lower utility bills – Due their excellent insulation qualities, you’ll very likely see reduced electric heating and cooling costs.  A light-colored metal roof reflects the sun’s UV rays, as well.
  • Environmentally friendly – Metal roofs are easy on the environment, especially considering that some 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are discarded into landfills each year, according to the National Association of Homebuilders Research Center.   On the other hand, the steel content of the metal roof is 56 percent recyclable.  In addition, the metal roof can be installed over a home’s existing roof, thereby preventing the need to discard the old roofing material.

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